Education has always been at the center of my life experiences, no matter what the season.

Growing up, my mom, who raised me and my brother on her own, prioritized our education first and foremost. As a nurse, she single-handedly sent both of us to private school and college. My mother held education in the highest regard, and would wisely counsel us on the value of continuous education and learning. She’d often say,

“An educational foundation is the only thing that I can leave you in this world that no one can take away from you.”

Unlike my brother, whose natural ability allowed him to excel in school and standardized testing without much extra effort, I had to work hard to achieve. I decided to adopt a rigorous work ethic and always aim for the stars, working hard towards my goals, and seeking help when I needed it. This personal conviction led to me earning my undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame, and my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Northwestern University. I also earned my Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Certification.

During my higher learning experience, I met and married my wife, who was a Chicago public school teacher, and now serves as an instructional coach in Northwest Indiana. We welcomed our son in 2010, and later experienced the value of the early intervention system with him.

I’ve experienced what a lot of my students are facing now: big challenges, ambitious goals, unanticipated uncertainty, personal drive, and delicate frustration.

I’ve found innovative ways of using these things as fuel to achieve; to effectively prepare for evaluations, to manage my time, to work through challenging material, to ask for help, and to see the hard work pay off. To achieve.

I’ve been there and I’d love nothing more than to be there for you. Let’s talk.

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