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Struggling high school students can catch up

A new study from the University of Chicago’s Education Lab points to intensive, high-dosage tutoring as a potential solution for high school students who have fallen behind.

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COVID-19 & Education: The Costs of Lost Schooling

The Wall Street Journal ran an eye-opening article about the potential long-lasting effects of COVID-19 on students and the economy at large. As an educational partner to our nation’s future leaders, innovators, and workers, I find this concerning.

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Achieving Academic Gains in a Virtual Learning Environment

Based on the research that is currently being conducted, virtual learning, by design, has endured some shortcomings in learning over the past year.

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E-Learning Tip of the Week

‍As school districts shift to an e-learning environment, our team at Aim for the Stars Academics will offer some useful tips for parents and students to be successful during this unprecedented transition.

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Sometimes less is more in a learning environment

Incorporating sensory balance within a classroom environment is an oftentimes underrated learning approach that can help facilitate enhanced learning for elementary students. 

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Planning for life’s journey of learning ahead of time

I like to reference the immortal words of Wayne Gretzky: “Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.”

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Should you change majors or push through? Decisions…Decisions

In the middle of their college journey, I have noticed that a good majority of my students arrive at the following decision point at least once during their college years: “Should I think about pursuing a different career path or power through the potential roller-coaster ride of my current major?”

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Fitting Test Prep into Adulthood: Three Tips to obtaining Professional Certifications

These guidelines for fitting test prep into adulthood can be implemented whether your career goal is to obtain the CFA, CPA, MBA, JD or RN designations.

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The ROI of obtaining a professional development or certification…Is this really all that matters?

One should also consider the following factors when pursuing an advanced degree or certification, in addition to the almighty dollar.

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Size matters!

Research shows children perform better in classes with fewer students; however, classes sizes are at an all-time high. Unfortunately, not all of our students have the opportunity to work with a teacher who is reaping the benefits of a small class.

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Building ACT/SAT Test Stamina Like an Athlete

Test taking endurance has to be built well before the ACT or SAT testing date. The best SAT and ACT prep coaches should approach helping students beyond just giving them sample questions. Here are a few basic lifestyle choices that I encourage my students to adopt in the months leading up to the exam.

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Keep in the know and be ready to go!!

Let’s learn. Let’s achieve. Let’s aim high! But most importantly, let’s… avoid those late fees!! Here are some important links regarding upcoming college entrance exam dates and registration deadlines.

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