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Aim for the Stars Academics provides 1-on-1, focused learning partnerships that make educational success a reality.

Students on the path to college readiness and acceptance, students currently immersed in the higher learning experience, and those seeking to obtain advanced certifications have a partner who’s been there, achieved that, and is equipped to help you achieve, too. Our accomplished faculty are based out of the Greater NW Indiana and Chicagoland area, enabling in-person learning for students nearby, while our technology can connect to students who prefer online learning.

"My son was really struggling with scoring well on the Reading and Science sections of the ACT and consequently his overall score suffered. Aim for The Stars Academics provided Tommy with customized and streamlined test taking techniques that helped address time management issues and test day anxiety. As a result, his overall composite score increased by 6 points. After improving his ACT score, Tommy's college options are now boundless."
-Patricia S

"Aim for the Stars Academics provided my daughter with a focused SAT study schedule amidst her demanding AP/Honors curriculum and extracurricular commitments. Not only did she learn a proven test taking approach to conquer her fear of the Math section, but she was able to manage her daily schedule to reach her high SAT score goals. This achievement would not have been possible without the personalized, focused teaching approach from Aim for the Stars Academics."
-Heather G

"My son took the PSAT 8/9 exam last year, scoring well on the Math section but we noticed the reading section was pulling down his overall score. Josh was able to modify my son's approach to the reading comprehension section and elevate his confidence and performance by test day. We just received his results and his score on the reading section went up by 200 points! My son is currently regularly using Aim for the Stars Academics tutoring support to prepare for the regular SAT."
-Julia A

"My son's school wanted to move him down from Honors Pre-Calculus due to a recent pattern of below average exam grades. I reached out to Aim For the Stars to provide a focused, personalized approach to go over homework problems and implement a simplified,  daily study plan to perform better on future exams. Over the past quarter, my son was able to raise his grade from a C- to a B+ and remain in the Honors curriculum. He is on pace to be part of the AP Calculus curriculum for next year and we could not have done it without the tools and resources at Aim for the Stars Academics!"
-Melissa R

"My daughter has always been good about doing her homework on a regular basis, but always seemed to underperform on tests. Aim for the Stars Academics (AFTSA) adopted a comprehensive teaching approach catered to her unique learning style and natural abilities across all subject levels. As a result, my daughter is no longer nervous before tests and regularly sets the curve with her test scores and hard work, which have significantly improved due to the regular academic support she receives from AFTSA. #LetsLearn"
-Paulina M

"Not only did Josh help raise my son's ACT and SAT test scores, but he also proactively made sure our family was prepared for the college application process. My husband and I were not too familiar with the application process. Josh helped my son with completing the common application, outlining application essays, managing application deadlines, and researching targeted schools based on career interests. My son was accepted to both Indiana University and Purdue University. We are extremely thankful to Aim for the Stars Academics for their support through the college journey."
-Jenn D

"I was encouraged by my employer to obtain the daunting CFA certification. However, I did not have a finance or investment background, nor did I take any relevant quantitative courses in college. Josh was able to teach me the complex concepts of the CFA--Financial Reporting & Analysis, Derivatives, Equity, and Fixed Income-- in a manner that I could easily understand and apply to practice problems and sample exams. My confidence and performance in the topic areas rose so much that my performance on exam day was a mere formality, as I achieved a score on the Level I exam in the 90th percentile. I am definitely going to use Aim for the Stars Academics on the upcoming Level II exam."
-Nick G

Our methodology is designed to be flexible,
Because it’s made to work just for you.

1 : 1

We build 1 on 1 partnerships. We get to know you, and you us. That’s why our tutoring support is so effective in helping you achieve.


Like the friend you can always count on, we’re here. Do you have a full week of school, activities or work? Let’s talk at night, or on the weekend. We’re flexible.


From elementary school to grad school and beyond, we are the one stop for help in reaching your goals throughout your educational journey.

If you find a path with no obstacles,
it probably doesn't lead anywhere.

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